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City University has four, well equipped computer four computer labs accessible to students and staff. Computer specs include:

  • Core i7, i5 & i3 desktops and laptops.
  • Local area Network (LAN) wiring.
  • Inter-campus Fiber Network.
  • All computers wired for Internet access.
  • Anti-Virus, Network & 3D-Printers.
  • Specialized Educational Software.
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPSes).
  • Free wireless Internet for students.
  • Temperature Controlled Setting.
  • Online campus management software.

Computers & Internet Utilization Policies.

City University has installed state-of-art computer facilities in its campuses for the educational benefits of its students and staff. In addition, free wired and wireless Internet access is also made available for students in all campuses to help them stay connected. The following policies are necessary to ensure the availability of these necessary services to the university community:


  • Computers are provided for the use of current students and staff.
  • Students and staff may use CU Computers for communication, course related research and study purposes.


Wireless Internet access Wifi is available throughout the campus grounds for student access. Similarly offices and computer labs are equipped with wired Internet access.

All students must obtain their own username and password from the office of the registrar once they complete registration. Students should not share their assigned username and password with anyone as they are accountable for its responsible use.

Any assistance with password changes, etc. should be directed to the IT office.





Internet & Online Services.

  • Email. All students are assigned an official university email address upon registration. Students are expected to use this email address for all school correspondence. Students are also responsible for checking their email on a daily basis at minimum so as to follow communication from their instructors or from the university.​
  • Student Records Access. All students will have access to our campus management software Fedena. Students may use this portal to register for classes, check their grades, obtain unofficial transcripts or check for library records.
  • ​Digital Library. The CU Digital Library holds a wealth of information and contains over 32 million records including PDF books, sites, videos, and pictures. Students may access this resource from any campus using their student ID.
  • Course Companion Websites.
  • Online Resources.
  • Online Classes.


In the Computer Labs:

Due to the large number of users accessing computer labs, the following rules must be followed to ensure a quality experience for all:

  • For security purposes, all users must log in with their University assigned username and password.
  • If a username is not known, or a password is invalid, please see the Computer Lab Assistant on duty immediately.
  • All students must secure an online storage space – Google Drive – to save their work. No flash or external hard drives are allowed in the lab.
  • All users must log off the system after they are finished using the computer. To do so, simply click the start button and select “Log Off”. Before leaving make sure the system completely logs you off and shows the log on screen for the next user.
  • No user will be allowed to download software on computer lab machines. The programs installed are to accommodate users with University-related coursework.
  • All computer lab workstations have anti-virus software installed to prevent infected drives or files from being used on the machines.
  • All users are able to print to the network printer that is set to default on the workstations in each computer lab. Computer Lab printers are not copy machines… please do not waste paper!!
  • If you need multiple copies of documents, please visit the Copy Center at the CU Bookstore.
  • Collaborative work and quiet conversations are encouraged, but please refrain from loud talking, laughter, phone calls or music.
  • Any equipment malfunction within a computer lab should be reported to the Computer Lab Assistant (CLA) on duty.
  • CLAs are instructed to enforce all rules and regulations, provide technical assistance, and report problems.
  • Users who disrupt operations, disturb other users, or fail to observe these lab rules will be asked to leave the computer lab. All students are expected to obey such instructions even if they disagree with it.
  • There shall be no Eating, drinking or smoking in the computer labs.
  • Knowingly performing an act, which will interfere with the normal lab operations, is grounds for disciplinary action. This includes, but not limited to introducing computer viruses, Trojan horses and worms into lab computers.
  • Students may not move computer peripherals from or within the computer lab. Instead submit moving requests to the CLA.
  • ANY access to offensive, obscene or pornographic material is strictly forbidden.
  • Users must refrain from harassing other network users in the network. Obscene or threatening messages will not be tolerated.
  • Booting-up computers from an alternative source is prohibited.
  • Users should not tamper with or change the operating system or educational files prepared for computer lab use.
  • Students must promptly relinquish computers for the use of scheduled classes or upon request by the computer laboratory assistant.

Additional Notes:

  • These are your resources. Malfunctions, problems and downtime inconvenience you.
  • Your use of these computing facilities may be monitored to ensure compliance with the above rules.
  • Report any misuse of these facilities immediately to the computer lab assistant.


Use of academic computing resources in violation of these policies may result in revocation of individual’s privileges or suspension of access to computing resources and may subject the account holder to university disciplinary action and/ or criminal prosecution.


CU Phone & Internet Use in Class Policy


The following policies are necessary to ensure the availability of an environment that is conducive to learning:

  • Students many not make or receive phone calls during class.
  • Students may not surf the Internet while class is in session unless so directed by the instructor as a part of the class in session.

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